Arenas has experimented with all the methods and materials she could get her hands on: oil paints, actual petroleum, acrylic and water colors; crayons, pencils and charcoal; from the two-dimensional canvas to collage and sculpture. She paints on canvas and wood; on acrylic sheets and color cardboard. She constructs figures on wire mesh with wool, paper and wires and combines them with distorted lights from a TV set, or with whatever catches her fancy in the environment. She makes sculptures with clay and with chaguaramo shells (the bottom part of the leaf from a sort of palm tree).

She learned Photoshop to create collages and experiment with images. No risk can ever quell the intensity of her expressive passion.

"What I like most is capturing an image in an instant of the creation process and letting it stay unfinished and yet already defined...

"I love water with passion but, for me, drought harbors the deepest mysteries...

"My work is about turning memory and illusion into painting...

"The creative process is mysterious. You think it is you doing it but it is an energy that makes you do it...

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"The wealth and eloquence of the expressive language of Carlota Arenas reach us charged with affection, sensitivity emotionality and suggestive contents that flow freely to the spectator without any need for further 'problematique'"

Perán Erminy

Art Critic






Carlota Arenas